Akita Inu: Are Akita Inu Good Family Dogs

Akita Inu - Are Akita Inu Good Family Dogs

There’s no better time to get excited than choosing a good family dog that is bold, willful, and loyal to their family. And the Akita Inu is such a dog breed that is naturally affectionate, excellent guard dog who is constantly wary of strangers. 

Yes! Akita Inus are good family dogs, but, though Akita is an excellent family and watchdog, novice owners who are looking to bring a puppy Akita Inu should be aware that this dog breed is best suited for homes that do not have other pets living in that home. Akita dogs tend to be overly aggressive toward other pets.

And, if you plan to own more than one Akita, make sure that you do not keep all females or all-male Akita dogs,as this breed is not tolerant with other pets of the same sex. 

These dogs are dominant and absolute one-dog household types who do not like to share. However, with all things aside, the Akita is an affectionate and playful family dog.

History of the Akita Inu Dog breed

The Akita Inu dog breed originates in the mountains on northern Japan, and it’s main purpose was hunting but in 1931 the breed also became recognized as a fighting dog.

 Today this Japanese Iconic dog breed is said to be one of the best family companions. 

The first Akita Inu was introduced in the United States of America in 1937 when the emperor of Japan gave a gift of two puppies to Hellen Keller. 

Later on in 1973 the dog breed became recognized by the American Kennel club.

The appearance of the Akita Dog breed

The Akita Inu is Known for having a very muscular and powerful body, and it’s because of his indomitable appearance people use him as a guard and police dog. 

The breed weighs 70 to 130 pounds and stands 2 feet 4 inches tall at the shoulders. 

He’s got a deep muzzle, dark brown eyes that are small but very alert, he’s got pointed ears that are slightly angled and a massive triangular head that looks like that if a bear.

Temperaments/Characteristics of the dog breed

The Akita Inu is very handsome, charming, calm, clean and quiet that is why many dog lovers view him as a desirable pet. 

But still there’s a lot more to know about the Temperaments of this breed. 

And if you are thinking of adopting this dog, then it’s very important that you know all his temperaments so that you know how to handle him. 

Below we have listed the Temperaments of the Akita.

The Akita Inu is quiet and calm

This breed does not bark unnecessarily and he is calm too. But sometimes he maintains his calmness only when it’s time to assess a situation and weighthe options available to him

The breed is obedient

The Akita’s obedience does not come naturally through, he will need proper training while he us still a puppy. When trained well, the Akita’s obedience is just lovely and it makes him stand out from many other dog breeds. 

Once you’ve trained him and established yourself as the boss then you can trust him with absolutely anything, including your kufe

The Akita Inu Dog Breed is Synonymous for Its loyalty, Compasionate and caring to his owners

 This dog breed will do almost anything to make sure that you are safe from any form of intrusion even if it means getting in the way of assailants.

The breed is very energetic

 This dog breed needs proper exercise as a way of dealing with the excess energy he has. Once he gets proper exercise he gets tired and tends to just sleep. 

But if left alone for longer periods of time, he gets bored which the results in destructive behavior.

The breed can easily be Irritated into aggression.

 Aggressiveness is in Akita’s nature because of the history of being a hunter and a fighter. 

The best way to avoid this behavior is training him while he is still young. So that he grows up knowing what is wrong and what is right.

The breed is very sensitive and not friendly with strangers.

 This breed will bark and haul just as a way to inform his owners when he sees or senses something unusual.

 It is because of this sensitive nature he is said to be one of the excellent watchdogs. 

That’s all there is to know about the Akita Inu temperaments. Hopefully these temperaments will somehow help you decide if he is the right choice for you and your family.

Food requirements of the Akita Inu

The diet if the Akita dog breed should be food of high quality. Once the Akita puppy turns four months old, make sure you give him a high nutrient diet that will enable him to grow healthy and not gain unwanted weight. 

The Akita puppy Should be fed 3 to 5 cups of food daily this will ensure that the Akita had enough energy to sustain him throughout the day and not gain unnecessary weight. 

Below we have listed the best food to feed the Akita, these foods have been highly recommended by veterinarians:

Taste of the wild high protein dry dog food

This is one of the best foods to feed the Akita, it’s also said to be one of the best dog foods available in the markets. 

The food is made with roasted bison venison and also other premium proteins such as chicken, lamb and beef. 

It also contains Grain-free, digestible carbohydrates such as peas and sweet potatoes with also canola oil and ocean fish meal to provide a balance of omega fatty acids.

Wellness complete health large breed adult recipe

 This food features deboned chicken and brown rice. It supports the Akitas lean muscle mass while also providing for it’s high energy needs. 

The food is only made with natural ingredients there are completely no by-products or fillers included.

Blue Buffalo life protection formula large breed recipe

 This dog food was formulated especially for large breeds and contains L-carnitine for strong muscles, calcium for bone development and glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support. 

The food contains deboned chicken as the main ingredient and also digestible whole grain such as brown rice. The Akita Inu will definitely enjoy this food.

Nutro ultra large breed adult dog food

 This food also is specifically for large breeds and is best for the adult Akita Inu, featuring real chicken as the main ingredient and also who!e grains such as oatmeal and Brown rice.

Exercise requirements for the hybrid

This Akita Inu is Known for having high levels of energy, adequate exercise is the only best way to deal with the energy and will help keep your dog healthy and happy too. 

So it’s very important to take your dog for a walk every day in the morning for atleast 30 minutes and in the evening aleast 15 minutes. 

Also find time to take your dog to the park where it can run around freely and also socialize with other dogs.

 If you have a large backyard where it cannot escape, allow the dog to run around and play anyhow it wants. 

The dog will greatly appreciate running every day with you, it won’t mind hiking with you either.

Grooming requirements of the Akita

All Akita Inu owners need to incorporate grooming as part of the breed’s daily routine. 

The Akita has a short double coat, the fur is dense and also very prone to shedding so you must use a brush to comb it’s hairs daily or 3 to 4 times a week if you are a very busy person. 

The combing helps keep your dog clean and sweeps out the dead hairs. 

Bath your dog when it’s necessary but avoid bathing your Akita Inu so frequently as this will strip him of his natural oils off his coat. However, make sure to brush his teeth at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Akita Inu nails also tend to get longer if left unattended, therefore make sure you are cutting his nails when they have become too long. Amazon stock a wide range of best dog nail clippers which you will find useful when trimming his nails.

Health Concerns of the Akita Inu

Although the Akita Inu is a very healthy dog breed, he is still prone to certain health problems just as any other dog breed. Below we have listed the health problems the Akita is most likely to suffer from:


With this condition, the Akita’s stomach expands, at the end of the day, he is not able to release excess gas so he will vomit to relieve himself if the extra foods in his body. This condition is easy treated and can be avoided at times.


This is a health problem that affects the dog’s hips and elbows. This is a genetic health problem that can lead to arthritis which has no cure as the dog gets older.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This health problem impairs the Akita’s vision to the point where he can become completely blind. The health problem is hereditary.


This is a health problem whereby the Akita can lose hair, it can as well lead to epilepsy and lethargy. This health problem can be avoided by giving the dog a balanced diet and enough exercise.

The lifespan of the fog breed

Life expectancy for Japanese dog breeds is generally very good. And, with an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years for an Akita, you can appreciate why most homes looking for a good family watchdog often choose Akita Inu.

So, when well taken care of and in good health, this dog breed has a lifespan of 10 to 13 years.

In conclusion: The Akita Inu is generally a lovely dog breed for families. However, if you are a new pet owner, Akita Inu may not be suitable for you as a first-time dog owner. Beyond that, this is a lovely dog breed with Wonderful temperamental traits.


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