Are Japanese Chins affectionate?

Are Japanese Chins Affectionate?

Are you wondering if the Japanese Chin dog is a sensitive, intelligent, responsive, and affectionate dog breed? While there are good enough information about how docile and adorable are the Japanese chin dogs, very little is known about how loving Japanese Chin can be with their owners. So, are Japanese Chin affectionate dog breed to own.

The Japanese Chins are a very affectionate dog breed towards their owners. They wag their tails, nudge, lean on you, lick you affectionately, guard, and follow you. The Japanese Chin dogs also show their love and affection by cuddling up with their owners on a sofa set.

These lap dogs are intelligent and are a true definition of being devoted to their owners. This small beautiful dog likes to show affection to its owners up to the extent that they may be anxious when separated from their owners.

These dogs show affection to almost everyone who might seem friendly to them although at first sight of new people, the Japanese Chin might be shy but not rather aggressive.

They are masters of knowing how to show their affection as they adapt to the environments in which they are in and how people live in those homes. In the case that the home is a quiet one and maybe somber, the Japanese Chin will adapt to that and make sure to show their affection in a good and reserved manner.

If the home is an active one, be rest assured that the Japanese Chin will also be lively in showing his affection to the owners.

This breed is rather a small dog which is dainty in appearance and their face is rather flat in appearance too. In the past, this breed used to be called the Japanese Spaniel. One distinct feature is their dark eyes which are protruding and the inner corners of the eyes are white and the eyes are set apart.

They have a short nose and their ears have a V shape and are rather small. Looking at their feet, you can notice that they resemble that of a hare if you have ever seen the feet of a hare before and the feet are also feathered.

They have a tail which is confident in appearance as it is plumed and high-set and goes over the back and most of the times the tail usually chooses to rest on the body’s one side. Their coat usually has a combination of different colors, black and white, white and tan and many other more color combinations.

How do Japanese Chins show their affection to humans?

Dogs do not speak like humans do hence they rely on their body language to show their affection, this is the same case with Japanese Chins.

Your dog can’t show you affection if you haven’t bonded with him so it has to be noted that it is very important to bond with your dog and your will surely enjoy the companionship of your dog. Like any other dog, Japanese Chins show their affection through several ways namely;

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Waging their tails

Japanese Chins wag their tails upon seeing their owners or someone they are familiar with to show affection and familiarity and the need to be given attention. When they are fond of you very much, they even do circling emotions to show how excited and happy they are to see you.

Japanese Chins Show Affection Through Eye Contact

Doing eye contacts in a loving way with your Japanese Chin dog proves affection and trust. Dogs usually associate eye contact with so many things, like challenge, threat or affection, so if your dog doesn’t turn away their head during the eye contact, it’s a sign of affection and eye contact with your dog causes oxytocin to be released which is a love and affection hormone released by the brain.

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Jumping

Japanese Chin Dogs who usually get all jumpy when they see their owner are just trying to show their affection and love to their owner.

If you go to work and come back and your dog just stares at you and looks away, know that you have failed as a dog owner and a lot of work needs to be done for you to bond with your dog. When they miss you so much, you may notice them jump out of excitement upon seeing you.

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Leaning

When your Japanese Chin dog leans against you, it is a very big sign of how your dog is affectionate towards you and this gesture can be a call for many things like comfort or seeking protection when they are nervous, which just shows how affectionate they are towards you and how much they love and trust you as their owner.

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Following you around

Like their forefathers the wolves, Japanese Chin dogs like to stay in a pack. When they are affectionate about you, they would do anything they can to protect even if it means following you everywhere as they see this as a way of protecting you. Dogs are fearless animals and never leave their owners in times of danger. They can feel anxious and worried when away from their owner.

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Licking You

Mother Japanese Chin dogs usually lick their puppy dogs to clean them and make them feel secure. Same way when a Japanese Chin dog licks their owners is a sign of how affectionate they are about you and are showing you their love and respect.

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Bringing you their toys

When your Japanese Chin dog brings you his or her toys does not always mean that it’s play time, no, it is sometimes as sign of respect, seeing the owner as the pack leader and showing the affection to the owner.

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Nudging

Most Japanese Chin dogs rarely use this, but if they do it might be an indication that they are craving your affection, love and attention. After your arrival from work, nudging you may be a sign of how much your Japanese Chin dog missed you.

Japanese Chins Show Affection By Being Cuddly

Japanese Chins are naturally cuddly, Perky, proud, and playful. They use their cuddling and snuggling time to show how much they affectionately love looking into soulful eyes as they wag their tail invitingly to pampering belly rubs, which they accept graciously.

About the Japanese Chins

The Japanese Chin comes from way back. This breed is believed to go have come from Tibetan Spaniel. There are other dogs that look similar to the Japanese Chin and such dogs are found old Chinese temples.

It is known that the dogs came from China. History says a Chinese Emperor had a good relationship with the Japanese Emperor and as a good gesture he gifted the Japanese Emperor a pair of Chin..

Coming to the 1800s, Queen Victoria was given a pair of Chin by Admiral Commodore Perry during a visit. As you can see, there are no credible records that show to as exactly when Japanese Chin came into existence in the United States of America.

At first they were called Japanese Spaniels but later on in 1977 the name was finally changed to Japanese Chin by the American Kennel Club.

Potential Health Problems

Japanese Chins are on average healthy dogs, but there are always specific diseases that can attack them. Not that they will eventually get sick of these diseases but it is important to be well aware of the diseases and know how to prevent them.

Make sure when buying your Japanese Chin you get a health clearance to show that the dog is free of diseases. Below are some of the diseases a Japanese Chin can suffer from:

1) Atrioventricular Endocardiosis

This disease attacks the valves of the Mitra and tricuspid found in the heart. This comes about the shape of the valves are destroyed by the deposits of polysaccharide and this leads them to leakage.

Obviously this might be lead to the failure of the heart. That is why it is important to exercise your Japanese Chin and make a balanced diet and a good one for him.

2) Retinal Atrophy

This attacks the eyes and it eventually causes blindness in the dog. This is a gradual process and is caused by loss of photoreceptors usually at the eyes back.

3) Patellar luxation

Some call it the slipped stifles. As the name suggests, it is caused in the patella which consists of namely the femur, knee cap and tibia when they are not arranged properly and lameness and an abnormal gait might occur in the dog sometimes. It usually occurs at birth or later on during the growth stage.


Above, we have seen that Japanese Chins are affectionate dogs and thrive on human companionship. They show affection to their human owners through different ways like Jumping, nudging, eye contact, licking and tail wagging.

Like any other breed, they also suffer from several diseases which need the owner’s knowledge attention and knowledge when they occur. In addition to that, we have discovered that Japanese Chins show some cat behaviors as it grooms itself by licking it’s paws like a cat does.

They are sensitive and adapt to any apartment they are in according to how people live in that apartment, they are an intelligent breed of dogs. In addition to that, they also require to bond with their owners through interesting and fun games and this breed easily gets bored.

They have to be handled with care as they can be easily injured. These dogs are most happy when they are with their owners.

They do require much exercise like many dogs. Lastly, when buying a Japanese Chin, make sure you buy it from a responsible breeder with a health clearance for the Japanese Chin to make sure they are disease free.


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