Do Japanese Spitz like to Cuddle?

Do Japanese Spitz like to Cuddle?

If there’s a Japanese dog breed that’s loyal, loving, and intelligent the Japanese Spitz is certainly it. Healthy and happy, these little guys are also energetic so you can be sure they’ll always want to play outside!

But the question I have been looking at research lately is whether Japanese Spitz likes to cuddle?

In general, Japanese Spitz likes to cuddle up with their owners. If you are looking for a loving, loyal, and intelligent dog, perfect for all people from all walks of life, the Japanese Spitz is an excellent choice for you. They are cuddly and not fussed up with their living space like other dog breeds.

Japanese Spitz will happily curl up with you on the sofa while binge-watching Netflix or go out for a jog and sweat out all the calories piled up over the weekend.

These dogs love affection and form very strong bonds with their owners. They’re the perfect companion if you’re an active person that likes to jog or hike in the woods but also enjoy putting up your feet and kicking back for a cuddle.

Not familiar with the Japanese Spitz dog breed?

The Japanese Spitz is a small, fluffy lively dog breed originally from Japan with an almost fox-like appearance. They are not the easiest dogs to find either as they aren’t as popular as some other breeds but if you manage to get your hands on one you will see firsthand why these dogs are so great!

Cute And Interesting facts about The Japanese Spitz Dog Breed

There are plenty of interesting facts about Japanese Spitz that make these dogs unique. For example, did you know that the Japanese Spitz is actually a breed of dog that’s been around for at least 4000 years?

The other fascinating fact about this breed is that they were associated with the Ainu people and not only because they’re named after them. These indigenous people used to train and raise Japanese Spitz to serve as hunting dogs, guard dogs, and even food!

Today’s Japanese Spitz has not evolved much from the ones bred by the Ainu people. The only difference is that these days they are more of companions rather than working dogs.

In fact, Japanese Spitz is very loving and enjoys being in close contact with their owners. They also love the great indoors so you can be sure they will happily curl up on your sofa while binge-watching Netflix dog shows or go out for a jog together – as long as they get to spend some quality time with you first.

What is The Japanese Spitz Like With Other Dogs?

By nature, these dogs are friendly and cuddly. They enjoy being around other people and they expect the same of their peers too.

Japanese Spitz doesn’t pick fights with other dogs but he won’t shy away from a little rough and tumble either.

In general, Japanese Spitz dogs do well with most dogs when introduced at a young age! They are loving, tolerant, and accommodating to other dogs living in the same household as long as they are properly socialized.

The Japanese Spitz Temperament

The Japanese Spitz temperament is calm and friendly. Being a loving, loyal, and intelligent dog breed they want nothing more than to please their owners so if you have a specific activity in mind for them the Japanese Spitz will be the perfect companion.

However, they are very energetic so you can expect them to need daily exercise too!

Japanese Spitz is eager to learn and to please their owners. In fact, you will find it very easy to train your dog with basic commands as they are usually quick learners!

The only downside is that these dogs are not meant for living in small homes or apartments. Their high energy levels combined with their size make this breed perfect for bigger spaces where they’ll have the room to run around and burn off all that extra energy!

How to Train The Japanese Spitz (Dog Training 101)

As mentioned before, the Japanese Spitz is an intelligent dog breed. They are quick learners who usually pick up new things easily so training them can be a breeze.

However, if you want your dog to obey every command then you will have to work on their impulse control. These dogs are eager to please and they want nothing more than to be your friend so they won’t hesitate to jump in and try and usurp your position as pack leader if you don’t make it clear who’s the boss.

Fortunately, this is not a difficult thing to overcome with the Japanese Spitz. You can do it with some simple obedience training exercises combined with lots of affection and appreciation for the hard work they are putting in to please you.

As long as you are consistent, firm, and patient your Japanese Spitz will soon learn their place in the household. They might even surprise you by teaching themselves a thing or two along the way!

The Japanese Spitz Breed – A Great Pet For Living With Children

The Japanese Spitz is a great pet for families with children. Not only are they gentle and caring towards kids, but most of them also love spending time with the little ones in the household.

In general, Japanese Spitz is great with kids too. They have been known to be good family pet dogs who enjoy playing sports or just being around the family in general. Please remember that no matter how loving and calm Japanese Spitz might still not be a good idea to leave your child alone with the dog.

How Much Exercise Does The Japanese Spitz Need?

Being an active dog breed, the Japanese Spitz needs lots of exercises to burn off all that extra energy! They are working dogs who were bred for hard labor so their idea of fun is running around until they literally drop from exhaustion.

Japanese Spitz is typically a high-energy dog that requires a lot of exercise to keep them in their best form. The Japanese Spitz need 60-85 minutes of walks twice daily to tire them up. However, they’re not very fussy when it comes to what kind of exercises they do whether you’re throwing sticks for them at the beach or jogging through your favorite park!

Fortunately, the Japanese Spitz doesn’t need all that much exercise.

They are pretty active so they will appreciate daily walks or jogs around the park but don’t worry – they won’t get bored of regular exercise.

And if you want to take your Japanese Spitz on a longer trip? No problems! Just remember to give them some training before so they will be used to the car and enjoy traveling with you.

What Kind Of Food Does A Japanese Spitz Eat?

The Japanese Spitz should eat roughly 2 to 2 1/2 cups of high-quality dog food a day.

The amount will vary depending on the age, size, and activity level of your pet so be sure to check with your veterinarian or breeder to see what’s best for them!

And as you might already know – the food isn’t the only thing your furry friend eats

So if you have kids who want to play with their furry friend all the time you don’t have to worry about the Japanese Spitz getting hurt.

Just make sure that your children are taught how to play with dogs properly so they don’t annoy or harass their new companion.

The Japanese Spitz is also an excellent watchdog who will bark loudly when strangers approach! However, if properly socialized at a young age they will get along with other people and dogs.

Overall, the Japanese Spitz dog is a dog perfect for every personality of a human being because they are loving, intelligent, easy to train and loyal dogs. They love to be cuddled so much especially by their owners. You will notice them easily seeking you around especially when they are too tired and simply want to cuddle with you.

They are happier when they are with their owners and other members of the family as these dogs are known to thrive under human attention and interaction. Leaving this type of a dog alone for a long period of time can make the dog go crazy and lead to undesirable and destructive behavior.

The Japanese spitz are dogs that love to run around. They are very confident types of dogs that love to be around people and even strangers. They also do well around other animals although they can have a dominant behavior when they are larger than the animals. The Japanese spitz has a lot of energy and makes and excellent companion for your family.

The Japanese spitz are considered to be very loyal dogs that have a great personality, they really love to please the owners. They are also very good around the children in the household and love to show off their good character. They easily bond with each person in the house as long as they give them the attention that they need.

The Japanese spitz also loves to follow people around in order to play with them. There are so many reasons why the Japanese spitz love to cuddle with humans. Cuddling is one of the ways that these dogs show their affection towards you, this also helps to enjoy the kind of affection that you have for him.

Japanese spitz also do this in order to get warmth from you and create a very good bond between the two of you. According to research dogs naturally release a chemical that makes them feel good when they cuddle.

When the dogs cuddle with you, the amount of oxytocin in your body and in their body is increased because there is a calming effect that is created during cuddling.

Features of the Japanese spitz

The Japanese spitz has the appearance of the Pomerian dog, its structure is also like that of the Pomerian, however most of its features are those of the American Eskimo dog. The have a white coat that is very full as well as thick.

The coat is very light weight and very fluffy. This dog has a tail that is curled and ears that are erect. The dog’s ayes are dark in color.

The Japanese spitz can sometimes be very protective of the owners. When they have not been socialized and trained properly, they may end up developing behaviors that are quite aggressive.

These dogs are very alert and because of this they make very good watch dogs and can easily alert you when they see a stranger or a visitor approaching.

It is essential to ensure that you socialize the Japanese spitz while it is still young. This allows it to act very well around other dogs as well as strangers. In terms of behavior training, the Japanese spitz are very good and easily learn things. You need to learn the kind of learning style that they have.

Their relationship with humans

Japanese spitz love to be around people. They love to relax as well as spend time with you. If you are sitting down you may notice the Japanese spitz coming there to sit down with you.

This breed has the potential to suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, always make sure that the dog is not left alone for a very long amount of time. Instead make sure that they are around you and show them all the love you can. They are also excellent cuddlers, so, cuddle with them a lot since this makes them very happy.

The Japanese spitz can adapt very well to apartment living conditions. However, you need to make sure that you give them enough physical activities and exercises every single day.

The dog can be suitable for first time owners, this is because it does not give any challenges in terms of training and it has a gentle temperament.

Japanese Spitz Highlights at a glance

Other names: Nihon Supittsu
Average height: 12 to 15 inches
Average weight: 11 to 20 pounds
Average size: Small to medium sized
Major health concerns: patellar luxation, runny eyes
Coat type: Very thick, fluffy and lightweight
Coat colors: White
Grooming needs: Moderate
Safe for children: Yes (early socialization and proper training still needed)
Shedding: Average, high during Malting season
Brushing requirements: Minimal
Good with other dogs: Yes, still need to be socialized
Barking: Very alert, bark frequently
Good pet: Yes
Suitable for first time dog owner: Yes
Suitable for apartment: Can adapt very well
Training: quite easy
Good with other pets: Yes, socialization is essential
A tendency to gain weight: Moderate
Average lifespan: 10 to 16 years
Hypoallergenic: No
Good tolerance to heat and cold: Very Good
Tolerance to isolation: No
A wanderer or roamer: Yes
Average yearly medical expenditure: $435 to $500
Average yearly non-medical expenditure: $970

Health Concerns

The Japanese spitz has an average life expectancy of 16 years. Naturally the breed does not have many health concerns. But due to certain factors it develops some health problems. In order to prevent most of the health problems it is essential to take your Japanese spitz for regular checkups at the veterinarian.

Luxating patella is the most common condition in Japanese spitz. This happens when the bones in the knee cap dislocate. It needs to be treated early because it can cause other health problems such as osteoarthritis.

Runny eyes are another problem that the Japanese usually face. This is because they have small tear ducts. Make sure to always clean the dogs eyes a regular bases so that they do not have eyes that are watery.


Japanese spitz are very energetic. When it comes too physical activities, these dogs will need more exercises as compared to most other types of dog. Also take note that the physical activity is determined by many factors including the size and health of your dog.

You should take Japanese spitz for urns or walks up to 45 minutes every single day, you can do this in phases. The Japanese spitz also love playing sports and will enjoy playing games with you. With them you can play games like catching frisbees, fetch and many more other games.

More details about the Japanese Spitz Breed

Japanese spitz has fluffy white coat that make them appear like cloud hence are usually called the cloud dog They resemble the American Eskimo Dog and it is the reason the American Kennel Club still don’t recognize this breed even though this breed has been there for quite some time now.

This breed was first seen in Japan between 1920-1930. In the period 1921-1936, the breed was selected for breeding with other Spitz Dogs across the world. Many people in Sweden love this breed due to its beautiful appearance, awesome personality, and intelligence. They are not ideal for first-time owners as these dogs tend to be strong-willed and need a lot of grooming and attention.

Japanese Spitz Dogs stand between 12 to 15 inches tall although this may vary. They consist of a white coat which is big. The Japanese spitz have a tail that is fluffy and curled, they are medium in size and their ears are pointed like. One thing you would obviously notice about this breed is the pure white double coat.

The right food for this dog is very important because it is what determines their health. There are certain factors like protein, carbohydrates and fat that need to be included in the dog’s diet.

The Japanese spitz need to be given a diet that is well balanced and rich in protein for their growth. Carbohydrates is very important for improving the energy level of the spitz and ensuring that they stay energetic during the while day. Fat should also ne moderately included on the diet because it is important for making sure that their coat and skin are in great shape.

They have Biannual Malting seasons. Looking at them you would think that the owners spend the whole day brushing their dogs beautiful coat, but no, Japanese Spitz are a very low maintenance breed.

Brush one to three times every week with the aim of stopping the coat from becoming matted. During the malting season which occurs twice a year, this has to be increased to daily brushes.

These dogs have a sensitive skin type that would go dry if bathed frequently. Their coat doesn’t smell of dirt, so no problem in bathing them a few times.


Japanese spitz are people-oriented dogs. Most of the time, they usually look for people in the household to cuddle with them when they feel tired. The dogs really love to cuddle and be around the members of the family.

They truly love getting attention from everyone around them. Japanese spitz are also very intelligent and smart dogs, because of this they learn very easily and are not challenging when it comes to training them. This dog is a very good companion for the owners and closely bonds with almost everybody in the household.

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