Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle With Their Owners?

Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle With Their Owners?

Ever Wondered If Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle With Their Owners?

Shiba Inus are dogs that have got some really unique personalities, like most dogs, they are also highly motivated by food and they make very good pets when they are trained well from when they are puppies. But, do Shiba Inus like to cuddle with their owners?

 No, Shiba Inus do not like to cuddle with owners like a Chihuahua or a Poochon. However, if you want a dog that is going to cuddle with you every time during winter seasons, follow you around very closely or one that is going to constantly seek your attention then Shiba Inus are not the dog for you. These dogs like to be petted at their own time; they have got a mind of their own.

The Shiba inus are highly independent and are not very good with other pets or strangers the reason for this is because of their history. They were originally bred to hunt small as well as large game so whenever they see small animals such as parrots and cats they may perceive them as prey. To most people they may come off as stubborn and unfriendly but if you understand them you will begin to see some really good traits to this breed.

They are very unique; when they want to they can be very affectionate but mostly only when they are in the mood. These dogs are said to have a cat like behavior, very dominant and very independent. They very much prefer their own company over that of a person or children and other pets; they like to just sleep around playing with their toys and just eat all day.

They often get distracted by simple things and quickly lose interest in what they were doing, these dogs are very complex, but because of their fox like appearance they usually get a lot of attention from people.

When you take these dogs out for a walk or to the park it will be like you are walking with a celebrity dog as you will often be asked “is it a fox”, sometimes you will get compliments that your dog is very beautiful but with all that attention these dogs are very recluse, whenever a visitor comes to visit the Shiba Inus will bark for more than a minute just so the visitor may know who is the boss of the house.

 If you are going to get a Shiba Inus as a pet be prepared that one minute it will be very affectionate and the next it will be doing whatever the dog wants to do, they like to be their own bosses and do what they want when they want to. When you own this breed you will notice that one minute they will be seeking your attention and be a great companion and the next minute they will be very withdrawn.

How The Shiba Inus Show Their Affection

The level of affection you will get from a Shiba inus is entirely dependent on their personality and how they were raised, these dogs vary in personality that’s why you will find some owners saying their shiba inu is really affectionate and you will find others saying their shiba inus is not affectionate at all. Basically different owners say different things about these dogs most of the time.

Owners need to know and understand their dogs because if they don’t they might think their shiba inus are not affectionate at all which may not be the case at all. The following are the few things that your Shiba inus may do to show that they are affectionate towards you:

  • Your Shiba Inus may get excited when you come in through the door: If you see your Shibs run towards you when you walk in through the door then this means they are very excited to see you and that they missed you, they may even wiggle their tail a bit to show appreciation when they see you. All breeds do this so it makes sense that they do as well however do not be disappointed when it only lasts for a short time when it comes from your shibs, just remember these dogs get distracted very easily unlike other dog breeds and therefore get bored quickly.
  • Engaging In Eye Contact: If you look at your shibs in the eye and they look straight back it’s a very good sign this means that they trust you and it’s also their way of showing affection on their part. On the down side eye contact can also mean that your shibs are threatened by you. If you look at your dog and the dog does not maintain that eye contact and quickly look away it definitely means the dog is uncomfortable.

The Less Common Ways Your Shiba May Show Affection

If your Shiba inu does the following you should consider yourself very lucky because it really shows their affection

  • Licking you: It is an instinct for dogs to lick their young so they can keep them clean as well as safe so if your Shibs does this to you just know that you are lucky, even if this licking lasts for a short time its good because it means your Shibs cares about you a great deal and they want you to be safe and protected.
  • Leaning on you: Most dog breeds do this, it is their way of showing that they are very comfortable around you and they also care so much, so if you find your Shibs doing this even if it is just for a moment just know that you mean so much to your dog. It may also mean that they feel protected as well as loved by you whenever they feel threatened or feel unsafe.
  • If Your Shibs Is Following you around: This indicates a very strong companion, so if your Shibs do this don’t worry they trust you, they may be following you from a distance but still coming from this particular breed it is a big deal considering the personality of this breed. If you go somewhere and you see your Shibs watching you from a distance it shows respect and that you are protected.
  • Giving You Their Toys: In general when dogs give you their toys it means that they are offering you their attention as well as love, it also means that they see you as their leader as well as their protector so if your shibs does this consider yourself very lucky, it is a great gesture coming from this breed, this is an act that is very uncommon coming from shibs.Even if its short lived your shibs loves you.

Can I Make My Shiba Inus Cuddly?

Most people have been asking if they can make their Shiba Inus cuddly well the answer to that is absolutely no, there is no way to force or train this particular breed to be more loving or cuddly.

You will find that some shibas will naturally have a personality where they do cuddle with you once in a while meanwhile others will just be completely independent and prefer to stay a distance from humans.

If you somehow by some miracle get them to cuddle with you it will probably be short-lived because remember these dogs get distracted or bored pretty quickly.

These dogs are like cats as I mentioned above , while most cats enjoy sitting on your lap or sitting next to you for a little pat on the head some don’t and you cannot force them to enjoy being around you no matter what.

While you might not get the cuddles that you really want from your Shibs these are still very good dogs, they are protective of their owners; they are very clean and also very good looking dogs. So their lack of close affection should not put you off, if anything they are very unique with their staffed toy look.

Good Things To Consider About The Shiba Inus

Despite their lack of cuddliness, like all dogs they also have some really good things to them that you will love and should consider. They are as follows:

 If they are well socialized these dogs can be very good family dogs. It is very essential that they be trained and socialized while they are still young of course. The Shiba Inus get along very well with the children and they can also manage to sometimes get along with other pets in the family. They can be very protective of their owners and whenever they see a stranger they bark a lot so this can also categorize them as guard dogs.

With Shiba Inus you have got your work cut out for you when it comes to cleanliness, these dogs are extremely clean as I mentioned above, they are also odor-free which is amazing since almost all dog breeds have got an odor. They do not need constant baths as other dog breeds do, so this may be very good for your budget. Shiba Inus are small in size so if you are someone who does not like large dogs this may be something to consider as well.


Hey, I’m Eddie, one of the publishers at Japanese Dog Breed Guides. And from an early age, dogs have been a massive part of my life. I remember the day my family brought home a Shiba Inu puppy dog, and we called him Ginger. It was love at first sight, no wonder I’m always partially gravitating towards Japanese dog breed. Growing up around a dog breed like the Shiba Inu opened up a new window into this rare dog breed of Japanese Origin. And you would think that having been through with more than one of them, I would lose interest. Strangely enough, my passion for these blue-eyed dogs has exponentially grown from strength to strength! The magic of owning a pet dog is the unconditional love they exhibit towards their owners. And the Japanese dog breeds are no different at sharing that love, which is something special. They’ll always be a part of my life and I hope yours too.

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