Hokkaido Inu Dog Breed Information With Pictures: Learn Why The Hokkaido Inu Is The Best Family Protection Dog

Hokkaido dogs

The Hokkaido Inu is a medium-sized native dog breed with origins in the Hokkaido region of Japan. 

The Hokkaido is a dog breed synonymous for its boldness, docile temperament and loyalty which makes this dog one of the strongest must-have watchdogs of Japanese origin.

 Hakkaido is also known as a tiger because he has some similarities of a tiger. Hokkaido is a kind and loving dog. 

He knows his master but he does not entertain strangers. Somehow you can see some similarities of the Tosa Inu breed

This breed is rare in other countries and its population is very low in its own country.

Quick Facts About The Hokkaido Dog Breed

  • Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
  • Origin: Hokkaido Japan
  • Height: Female: 46–48 cm, Male: 48–52 cm
  • Temperament: Docile, Bold, Dignified, Alert, Faithful, Brave
  • Colors: Black, White, Brindle, Black & Tan, Sesame, Red
  • Weight: Female: 20–30 kg, Male: 20–30 kg

Is Hokkaido a good protection dog?

Yes! This one of the best watchdogs one can have. He does not entertain strangers, and he always tries to please his master. He can take risks when it comes to protecting his master, and get himself hurt if he has to.

About the Hokkaido Dog Breed

  • Weight: Male is 10 to 12 kg, Female 9 to 11 kg
  • Height: Male 35 to 40cm, Female 32 to 35cm
  • Life expectancy: 14 to 15 years

The origins of Hokkaido Breed

Hokkaido Inu is a medium-sized dog that originates in Japan. In 1140S, immigrants from the island of Honshu discovered these dogs and brought them to Japan. 

They used these dogs for hunting and as watchdogs. It was in 1870 when they were named Hokkaido by an American zoologist named Thom Black. 

The zoologist named the dogs after the place they lived in. In Japan they named him Inu, Seba, Ainu Ken and when it was under the protection of the law in 2007, they named him Hokkaido Inu. 

It is said that an army went missing and they were survivors, Hokkaido was used to help to search for the surviving army. 

Today this dog is used in entertainment like movies and sports. Hokkaido is a rare dog that is not found easily outside the provinces of Japan. 

Physical Appearance Of A Hokkaido Breed

Much of the appearance of the Hokkaido Inu dog breed is characterized by a big triangular wedged head and sharply pointed ears. Hokkaido dogs also have slightly small triangular eyes, which are sometimes black. 

His coat has two layers the outer and the undercoat. The outside coat is long with hard fur, the undercoat is shorter with softy fur. This breed’s fur colors are red, black, white, brindle and many more. 

Is this breed aggressive? Hokkaido’s Temperaments

The Hokkaido is a very obedient dog breed, but if not trained and socialized well, yes, he can be aggressive to other pets and strangers. But if trained well, he has the following temperaments:

  1. He is loyal, loving, and brave. He is a dog who loves to please his master, and he’s caring.
  2. He is bold and hard working. This is a character seen, especially when he is in the woods hunting. When preying he is not afraid of danger
  3. He is a very intelligent and sensitive dog. He does well when he is taught to follow orders. He’s sensitive and very alert, he will bark and haul whenever he senses or sees something unusual.

All these temperaments are affected by several factors, including socialization and training. Proper training and early socialization will encourage good behaviors, so it is advised to train this breed while he is still young.

Food Diet For A Hokkaido Dog Breed

In order to have a happy and healthy dog, a good diet is a must! The Hokkaido dog breed needs foods rich in proteins, fats and carb.

 A clean bowl and freshwater are also the main essential things needed for a good diet of your dog. 

The Hokkaido dog breed tends to eat more than he requires so you’ll need to approach the vet for guidance on how and when to feed this feed. 

If left uncontrolled, he eats too much that he requires and will gain too much weight, which is not good for his health.

Now let’s look at the best dog food to feed the Hokkaido, these meals have been recommended by veterinarians.

1. Merrick Dry Dog Meal; this consists of proteins, chondroitin, and curbs. It works best when it mixed with a dog’s spice called Chillies for Dogs. 

This is made of foods such as beef, chicken, bison, and fish. It enriches the dog’s health and it provides strong bones to a weak, sick dog. This meal is affordable and it one of the meals that is also recognized by many dog owners.

2. Appetizers For Dogs, this is a combination of high quality of food such as lamb, rabbit, deer, and spices. They are rich in proteins and fats. 

When your dog is weak and has stopped eating, this is the best meal to give to your dog. This will help the dog to regain its strength before losing weight, and it will have its appetite back. 

This type of food works best also to a weaning dog, it helps in giving it more milk from it breast to provide for its puppies.

3. Pedigree Dog Meals; many dog owners recognize this meal as the best dog meal. It is rich in protein, fats, and bison, such as beef meat, lamb, duck, deer, and buck. 

They provide an excellent healthy body to the dog and every dog which eats this kind of food becomes very alert and attentive. This is an affordable dog meal and can be found in all the shops that sell dog’s accessories.

4. Taste Of The Wild; these are best for the dogs trained to be watchdogs. When a dog eats this food, it becomes so brave, its senses are high and if not supervised, it can be a danger to its owners. 

When you want to train your dog using this kind of meal, consult a vet to give you the best instructions. This will guide you not to over feed your dog which can cause obesity and laziness to your and it will help you not live your dog to starve.

Exercise requirements

The Hokkaido doesn’t have much exercise requirements. A daily 45 minutes walk to the park is okay. 

But also make sure you engage him in other exercise activities such as swimming, jogging, hiking etc. He would really appreciate and love doing these activities with you.

Avoid leaving the Hokkaido alone for long periods of time to because he tends to get bored and once bored he does naughty things. 

He can make your house a mess and turn your garden into a disaster. Keep him busy and once tired he sleeps and does not bother anyone.

Grooming requirements

This is a clean dog which love a clean environment. When one decides to own a dog like this one, you must have a big place for he loves to play in a free open place, though it can stay in apartments. 

Its kennel should be cleaned daily, and all small objects like soap, plastics and toys are not supposed to be left around him.

 Hokkaido’s coat does not have much grooming requirements. He sheds minimally so he will require brushing 2 to 3 times a week. 

This helps to remove dust from his fur, dirt and dead hairs. Bathing Should not be done regularly, he is a smart dog who does not like getting himself into dirty places, bath him only when it’s necessary, that is when he smells horrible.

 Otherwise, bathing him once every two months is okay. Remember to check his ears for any bad odor, it may be a sign of ear infections, to avoid such make sure to check his ears every week and when dirty wipe them clean.

 Brush his teeth once every week and also trim his nails once they’ve grown too long.

Health issues

The Hokkaido is a healthy dog breed, but just like any other dog breeds, he is prone to specific health problems. 

This dog breed is mostly affected by an eye disease called Collies Eye Anomaly, also known as the CEA. 

This is a hereditary disease, and it is estimated that 30 % of these breeds are affected. CEA is an illness that can lead to blindness and cannot be treated.

 You can avoid this disease by consulting a vet for check-ups, especially when he is a puppy, the vet will give him antibiotics to prevent the problem from escalating. 

This dog also suffers from a hip or elbow disease, which can lead to paralytic disorders. They feel a great pain resulting in them to stop eating due to loss of appetite because of illness.

 More exceptional care and love is needed when your dog is in such a condition. Consulting a Vet is recommended before giving any medication.

Life Expectancy For Hokkaido Inu Dog Breeds

With good health, proper food and adequate exercises, the Average Lifespan of the Hokkaido breed is 14 to 16 years.

How Much Do Hokkaido Puppies Cost

The Hokkaido Inu is a rare dog breed that is not found everywhere around the world. So because he is exceptionally hard to find, he is expensive too. The Hokkaido dog breed can be bought at $2000 to $3000.