How Much Space Does A Shiba Inu Need?

How Much Space Does A Shiba Inu Need?

A Shiba inu is a fairly small dog. It only has an average weight of about 20 pounds. These dogs are known for being clean and keeping to themselves most of the time. But, how much space does a Shiba Inu need?

Shiba Inu dogs need around 8,560 -10,000 square feet of outdoor space for them to run around apart from the minimum one hour long walks twice a day as part of their exercise needs.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the 8,560 -10,000 square feet is an average lot size for a standard American home. Your Shiba Inu will be okay with a house backyard space built on 0.2 acres piece of land.

Japanese Dogs are generally active types of dog breed who like humans, need time and space to burn their excess energy. Especially for Shiba Inu dog breed, they are independent dogs who constantly need their own personal space.

While Shiba inus can adapt to living in small and confined spaces, these Dogs are known for being prone to sleepiness, irritably, and personal boundary violations associated with apartment living and small homes. 

Unlike lap dogs, Shiba Inu puppy dogs require that you meet all of the Animal Welfare Act requirements for pet’s space needs so they can move around, lie down or sleep comfortably, sit, and stand without obstructing objects. And, if you are traveling, your ideal travel crate must also meet this dog breed’s space needs.

What size crate do I need for a Shiba Inu?

With Shiba Inus being active dogs, two dog crate sizes of 30 inches for smaller dogs or 36 inches large wire crate are Ideal for most adult Shiba Inus and medium-sized Shiba Inus. Full-grown Japanese crossbred dogs will fit perfectly in a 36″ large wire crate, while adolescent Shiba Inu’s best crate is the smaller wired dog 30 inches crate size will work fine for all Shiba Inu sizes.

Shiba Inu dogs are very independent and skilled. The Shiba Inu is a very active breed that likes to play around, it likes jogging and taking long walks with the owner.

When he is in a space that has enough room, it will be very helpful for him to burn out his energy.

A Shiba inu needs to have a large space where it can easily roam around. It is more suited for a place that is large and has a fenced yard that allows it to easily roam and play around freely.

They need a fenced yard because they can easily find a way to escape from your home the dogs are very smart and intelligent. They are also very clever and because of this they also need to be kept on a leash.

With good training the Shiba inu can make a very good dog for your home, the dogs are very clean and can sometimes be vert quiet. With training and socialization, they can also be suitable for apartment living conditions.

To make a Shiba inu suitable for apartment conditions you should make sure that the apartment is well protected and that there are some protective measures that will ensure that you dog does not leave home when left alone.

Shiba Inu personality and Temperament

The Shiba Inu is very alert and has a bold personality. The dog is very confident and strong-willed.

The dog is very loyal to the owners and affectionate to the members of the family members, this is not the same case for strangers as he is very suspicious of the strangers.

He is very protective of his things like toys, food and marks his territory. He does not easily get along with other dogs and animals and can easily chase small animals.

The do is very smart but hard and challenging to train. Also take note that his personality can be affected by a lot of factors including hereditary instincts, training, socialization and even environment.

Behaviour with children and other pets

Shiba inu makes a very good family dog, this is possible when the dog has been trained and properly socialized at a young age.

This ensures that he is able to get along with the children in the house so ling as they are able to treat him with respect as well as kindness.

The children will also need to be taught on how they should approach the dog as well as on how they should treat him.

Their time together needs to be supervised because sometimes children can do things like biting the dog’s ear or pulling the tail that may cause it to react aggressively.

Early training and socialization are also very important because it helps your shiba inu to easily get along with other dogs and pets in the house.

However also take note that the dog has a prey drive instinct and can be aggressive towards other animals like cats that he sees as prey. However, keep on training him.

Keeping the shiba inu on a leash is also a good way to ensures that he is able to be good around other animals and dogs.

Grooming requirements for the dog

The shiba inu has a coat that is double and thick. This coat makes the dog look like a teddy bear somehow. The undercoat is very thick and soft while the outer coat is straight and kin of stiff.

The shiba inu does not shed aa lot, it can be said that he shades moderate and will only shed heavily when it is shedding season.

The coat colour can be in many colours, it can come in sesame, black, tan or even orange.

The shiba inu usually have white markings on the tail, on the legs and sometimes on the belly. Maintain the shiba inu is very easy.

The dog is very clean and does not produce any bad odour, brushing is needed in order to remove the dead hair from the fur and to keep the fur clean.

A bath will only be needed when the dog is very dirty and needs however frequent bathing is not recommended because it can cause the dogs skin to be come dry, therefore give him a bath at least after 4 months.

The dog’s teeth should be brushed three times in a week. This helps to remove the build up of bacteria in the dogs teeth that can cause dental problems.

It is also essential to brush the dog’s teeth daily because this will keep the dog’s breath fresh and will prevent your dog from developing gum diseases.

The dog’s nails should be trimmed every time they get long and this should be done carefully. The ears also need tri be checked because there can be redness or bad odour ad this can be a sign of an underlying illness that you don’t know about.

Therefore, always wipe the ears with a cotton ball that has been dipped in ear cleaner. This will help to prevent any ear infections.

When grooming the dog, there are other things that you need to keep in mind, you need to check your dog if he has any weird signs that can indicate an infection for example sores, rashes, redness., inflammation, tenders or any other sign, make sure to also check the dog’s ears too and make sure that they are clear and do not have any discharge in them. This helps you to notice any health problems early.


The shiba inu needs to be given high quality dog food each and every day. It needs to be given at least ½ cups of dry dog food and this should be in terms of two meals.

There are certain factors that you need to take into consideration when you give your dog food, for example the size of the dog, the age, the activity levels, metabolism and many more.

The amount of food you give to an adult dog will; not be the same food that you can give to a small dog. Make sure the food that us bought is of high quality because this will help to keep your dog healthy and well nourished.

The food you give to your dog should be well measured and you should not leave food to him the whole time. To ensure that he does not gain too much weight.

Caring for the Shiba Inu

A shiba inu is a dog that is well suited for a hoke that hat has fenced yard. This is because the dog is very active and loves playing around. A large space is very helpful for the dog.

Socialization is essential for tis dog just like any other dog out there. He has an aggressive side that can be a little too much if he has not been trained or socialized properly.

Early socialization will make the shiba inu to grow into a heathy and well-behaved puppy around other dogs as well as strangers.

A Shiba inu also likes to chase other animals so therefore he should be on a leash especially when he is outdoors. To train the breed one must be patient and firm during the training.

It is recommended that the puppy is given obedience classes so that he learns how to obey the owner, positive reinforcement also needs to be used when training the breed instead of using negative methods when it comes to training the dog.

With this dog it is very easy to housebreak. Crate training is also very important for the Shiba inu so that he only gets things that he is supposed to.

How long to leave a Shiba inu alone at home?

Shiba nus sometimes love to enjoy some alone time, however they do not need to be left alone for a very long time. Adult Shiba Inu’s can deal with being left alone at home for at least 6 to 8 hours.

However, it is still important to not leave your dog alone for a long time. Shiba inu puppies do not need to be left alone for a longer time since they have frequent bathroom times.

If the puppy is around 2 to 6 months old, then you only need to leave them for an hour. If the puppies are older than that they can be left for up to three hours.


The Shiba inu is a dog that requires a medium to large amount of space. This is because the dog is very active and loves to roam around and only a large space can give your dog this.

The Shiba inu can also work for apartment conditions only when he has been properly trained, however the apartment also needs to be very protected to ensure that the dog stays well protected and doesn’t easily run off or escape.


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