Japanese Chin – The Complete Guide To The Best Japanese Companion Dog Breed With Pictures

japanese chin dog

The Japanese Chin is one of the most adorable and exciting dog breeds to keep as a companion, and many families love this breed because of his gentle and Noble behavior, royal Families sometimes use him as a decoration because of his beauty.

 This breed is said to have a character similar to that of a cat, such as hiding, being quiet, and loving to sleep on high comfortable places. The Japanese Chin was bred only to be a family companion and entertain his owners, that’s his purpose till today.

Is the Japanese Chin a Good Companion Dog?

Yes! The Japanese Chin is an excellent companion dog by a mile. And, his main cross-breeding purpose was to be a companion and an entertainer only, so definitely yes! He is a great Companion with amiable temperamental traits.

The Japanese Chin loves to be with his family even though he is shy, and he is obedient, friendly with little kids. 

This simply means that you can leave your little ones with this dog and be at ease, knowing that he would never harm them.

About the Japanese Chin Dog Breed

  • Weight: 4 to 9 Pounds
  • Height: 7 inches to 11 inches tall at the shoulder
  • Colors: White & Sable & White, Black & White, Tri-color, Red & White
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years 

Can in any way, the Japanese Chin be Aggressive?

The Japanese Chin is an adorable and temperamentally gentle dog breed, but if left alone for long periods, it will cause behavioral issues, that’s when he can become aggressive even to his family. 

This simply means he is not the best dog for people who lead busy lives. He simply loved having his owner around most of the times.

  History of the Japanese Chin

 Historically, the Japanese Chin is a dog that originates in China where it lived in the caves from ancient times and survived on hunting and preying. 

It used to hunt for animals like rabbits, mice, and squirrels as their daily meals in order to survive. 

This breed was discovered by people who lived near the caves of Chin. These villagers named this dog Chin after the place they lived. 

Chin is one of the Chinese provinces, near the mountainous region that borders India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. 

In AD732, a group of villagers used to live in this province and it was these villagers who discovered this wild dog. 

They tamed the dog and used it for hunting and it was their watchdog. 

 It was in AD732 when this wild dog was sent to Japan to the leaders of Kora, the royal family as a present . 

This family used this dog for decorations and for entertainment. It is also said that an empress of Japane also received this dog as gift in those days. 

Later on in 1613, this dog was sent to England and through the kennel club, it was mixed with a dog with similarities of a cat. Years later, in 1850, an American doctor bought it from England to use it in America as a home pet. 

The Physical Appearance Of Chin Breed

This is a cat-like dog; Chin’s body has a square shape. It has a large rounded head, which is full of fluffy hair. 

It has a tail that is fluffy and short. It has big, dark, lustful eyes and large triangular ears. The color if this breed is sometimes red, white, and grey. Other dogs consist of two coats, the undercoat and over coat, but it only has an overcoat .

The coat of the adult breed can take two years to finish, Cultural people of Japan believe that Chin was touched by their god Buddha because this Chin dog breed has a black line on its head, its weight is 1.4 to 5.1 kg, and its height is 8 to 12 inches. This is the best dog to be used as a family dog because of temperaments.

The Character OF Chin Breed

This is a noble dog, with royal characteristics. It is an entertainer and can be used for making money by its owners through the activities that it does. 

It has an attitude of a cat, such as washing its face by using its paws. It is alert, intelligent and independent. 

When it is resting, it loves to sit on higher places, places with some heat and they like to hide. 

This is a harmless dog that can be left with kids under adult’s supervision. 

Its cat-like attitude makes it to be more adorable and loved by many. This is a loyal friendly pet, which can be trusted to be playing with kids. It is a quiet dog that likes sleeping.

Food Requirements

Food is an important factor to the health of every dog. This will lead to having an active healthy dog, with small chances of being infected from dog diseases. 

Chin dogs are sensitive and allergic to foods containing corn and starch. It has to be given foods without corn or starch to prevent it from skin disorders. 

To prevent the dog from starving, you have to give it the food 

for 4 times a day. Do not overfeed your dog to avoid dog disorders such as obesity and heart stroke. 

Below there are types of a balanced diet of dog food, which is known as the Non-corn dog meals. These are one of the best meals and a proper diet for Chin Breed.

Merrick Dry Dog Meal: this non-grain meal is best for this breed. Many dog owners use it because of its high quality. 

It has a great smell when is preparing ti to bring an appetite to the dogs. It consists of proteins, glucose, and chondroitin. 

These minerals are in group foods such as fish, deer, sheep, rabbit, and beef. This food is a balanced diet that provides a healthy, strong body to your dog.

Non-Grain Meals for Pets: This is one of the dog meals, especially for Chin Breed. No element of grain. It only contains fats, glucose, and proteins.

Pedigree Dog Meal: it is of high quality and rich in proteins. It is one of the best dog meals, and any pet owner must give to their dog. 

Foods like beef, duck, rabbit, and deer are combined to create this dog meal. 

This type of pet food gives the best results, especially at a time when your dog is sick. Recovery comes in a period of a short time, and the dog regains its strength quickly.

Adult Dry Dog Meal: this is a non-grain recipe with meat taste. It is a recipe which makes the dog to digest its meals easily. Before using this type of meal you have to consult a vet first because it might be risky to give to puppies.

Grooming requirements

The grooming requirements for this breed are quite simple. He needs brushing two to three times a week, this helps get rid of debris, dead hair etc. 

Avoid bathing this breed frequently, he’s already clean and doesn’t like dirty so bath him after every two or three months. 

Remember always to check his ears for any bad odor because it may be a sign of an infection, also make sure you always wipe the ears when they’re dirty. 

Brush his teeth every two weeks and remember you trim his nails once they’ve grown too big.

Exercise requirements

This dog doesn’t have much exercise requirements, just a simple walk to the park or playtime will do for them. 

Chin Dog Breed Health Issues

This is a smart dog that loves to be in a clean environment. You have to create such a clean environment for your dog. 

Dirty bowls are not recommended when giving your dog food, for this may bring results such as dog intestine diseases, and ulcers. Use clean materials always.

 Chin breed has oversized eyes and is fond of having eye problems, so use a wet cloth to clean his eyes and consult a vet for further treatment, other health concerns include luxating patellas (slipping kneecaps), cataracts, and early-onset heart murmurs. 

The Chin, as with most small breed dogs, can also have a risk of hypoglycemia when aged under six months or weighing four to five lbs or less. 

Some of these health problems are hereditary and some can be avoided. So once you notice your dog behaving in an unusual way, it is advised to go to the veterinarian near your local neighborhood.

The Chin Dog Life Expectancy

This fluffy noble royal dog can live long if you give it the best treatment. Exercises, good environment, good care and good food leads to a happy, healthy dog. 

All these facts mentioned above is the key that builds a long, healthy life for your dog. Chin can live from 10 to 14 years if you give it all the best treatment

At How Much Can you Buy The Japanese Chin Puppy Dog?

This is a royal dog, meaning it is mostly loved by rich people. As Japanese dog breeds are relatively rare outside of Japan, you can, therefore, expect to find Chin dogs being sold at different prices, depending on the seller. 

So, how much is a Japanese Chin puppy dog?

USD 1500-USD 1700 is what most legitimate Japanese dog breeders will charge for Chin puppies. 

And if you are lucky, your local pet shops, sell at $1500 to $1700. At the same time, be warry to buy Japanese Chin puppies at a bottom price from scrupulous breeding individuals who may offer a less price for Chin puppies sold by an individual,