Ryuku Inu Dog Breed – Complete Japanese Dog Breed Temperament Guide With Pictures.

Are you looking into Ryuku Inu’s historical data and Temperamental traits to see if this Japanese dog breed is for you? Ryukyu Inu is one of the most sought after Japanese dog breed most families favor for a family pet.

But, if you are a complete newbie, here are quick facts to help you see if getting a Ryuku Inu Puppy is deal for your family pet needs:

Quick Facts About The Ryukyu Inu Breed

  • Height: 18 to 23 inches
  • Weight: 42 to 60 pounds
  • Colors: red, black, white and brown
  • Life Span: 10 to 14 yeas

The Ryuku Inu Breed’s Temperaments

Ryuku Inu dog breed is a loyal, and brave dog. He is a rare dog and its population is very low. 

It is also known as a quiet, intelligent, friendly, loyal, playful, and a brave dog breed. It has a triangular head, small black eyes, and short ears. 

It has strong jawbones, with sharp-pointed front teeth. It is a socializing dog that loves to be with its family, and it can entertain your visitors if they are trained well. 

He tolerates kids and loves playing with kids. Ryukyu Inu breed is not popular, and it has some similarities to the Tosa Inu breed. 

In Japan, these dogs are not that loved or wanted. They are not under protection like other dog breeds, making them to be less harmful. Let us take a look at one of its behavior fact:

  1. Loyalty: This is also known as one of the loyal dog breeds in the state of Japan, and are easy to teach them. They get used to its master’s voice and when they are commanded to do something, they easily follow the rules. When Ryuku receives good training regularly, he offers good results. This means every loyal dog is trained to be so not that it is its nature to do that. Naturally, dogs are wild.
  1. Braveness: For your dog to be brave, you have to search for dog games that you can teach your dog in puppyhood. Ryuku breed is a brave dog that took this character from its ancestors the foxes and they are hunters originally. They know when you are not happy and they are very emotional too.
  1. Socialization: Ryuku loves to be around people playing around. He always tries to cheer its master and expects gifts. He is one of the dog breed that is known of being social and tries to do what is right. 
  1. Intelligence: This is a very intelligent dog. He is easy to teach and train and he does learn quickly. As its owner you will have to give it regular trainings so he can know your voice.
  1. Friendship: Ryuku breed is a friendly dog. You have to show it kindness all the time, and it loves. He loves his family and can do anything to protect his family. He is so friendly, loving and 
  1. Quietness: this is a very peaceful dog breed which can be a good babysitter for a short period.
  1. Sensitive level: Unlike the Shiba Inu, Ryuku Inu dog breed are a less sensitive dog that loves to be appreciated.
  1. Trainability: Ryukyu Inu breed is an intelligent dog which easy to train. You have to take your time when it is training time. Make sure you introduce new skills to your dog when it is training time. Always give it regular training for you to get the best results.
  1. Temperament: Ryukyu is a loyal, brave, intelligent and a loving dog. He only needs a loving family to nature its behaviour.
  2. Playfulness: this breed loves playing, so try to just give it some of your time , take a walk with it, climb mountains and take it for hunting. He is also good with kids but do not trust him fully. You can live him to play with kids once a day this crucial time will need your presence. Make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed for they can be a danger to the kids when playing.
  1. Energetic: Ryukyu is a healthy and powerful dog. You to offer it good rich meals to empower its healthy status. Consult your regularly for checks and this will guide you to know more about your Ryukyu Inu. 

Ryukyu Inu’s Behaviour Problems

Genetics History: Many dogs do suffer from inherited diseases, but Ryuku is free from all these disorders. Ryukyu is said to be from fox, it known is an alert, skilful and brave dog which loves hunting taking it from its parents the foxes.

Period for Training: Best results usually follows when you are dedicated. If you offer limited training and exercises to your, expect to also get limited behaviour from it. Take a walk with your Ryukyu, when you are jogging take it along and you will have a best dog.

Testosterone Dog Problems: If your Ryuku is male dog, it is likely to be affected hormonal. These hormones make your dog to feel dominant and fights with its other dogs. Training your dog will reduce such behavior problems.

Treating your Dog: there are some dog owners who are fond of treating their dogs like humans. This is a very big problem. A dog is like any other animal, but they have so advantages of being used as pets because they can be tamed. 

This does not enquire you to treat it like a human. Love your dog, give it all the best and do not trust it fully.

Limited exercise: Your dog requires daily training and this is good for its health.

The Ryukyu Inu’s History

Ryukyu Inu breed is a medium-sized breed dog that originates from Okinawa, in Japan. It is a rare dog that is slowing down in numbers because it is not popular.

This is a dog breed which is described as a quiet dog that is capable hunting in groups or alone for meals. It is agile, brave and not sensitive.

 It is a dog which is protected by the Ryukyu Inu Hozonkai and the Japanese kennel club does not recognize it as a standard dog breed. 

It was in 1980 when this breed was founded and save by Yoshio Arakaki. They love climbing trees and hunting.

Training Requirements In Line with its Temperament

Ryukyu Inu is a dog breed that requires training frequently so that he can be a best-tamed pet.

-Use Positive Forcement: This is a dog breed that can be stubborn when not trained well. It is a quiet dog that needs an active owner who entertains it, especially in its quiet time. Scolding your dog will not change matter, but be patient with him all the time.

Befits and Impacts Of Early Socialization.

 It is advised to train your dog in is puppy hood. This will build a strong bond between you two. 

It becomes easy in training it several things like obeying, potting and to be alert. Teach your dog all the necessary basic needs while it is young for it will build a strong, loving, alert and intelligent adult dog.

HOUSE AND POTTY TRAINING: This is phase number one when training a puppy. Train it to be able to find a right place for potting and it will never forget. 

Firstly, after giving your puppy its best meals, take to a place you have chosen for potting. Do this regularly and you will soon get positive results. 

Patience is required in all this process and try to talk with your dog till he will get used of you voice. 

Best results will follow after 6 to 7 months, your puppy will be going alone for potting at write place. Give your dog treats to show it that you appreciate it when it does a right thing.

Finding a Perfect dog Breed Puppy

Where to buy them: It best to buy a puppy your puppy at the animal shelter or from rescue groups. 

Give a home to homeless dogs. Follow the top puppy buying tips, and you get an energetic, healthy, brave puppy. 

Pet stores and internet sites will be a second choice for buying your puppy, and this requires more searching.

Choosing A Perfect Puppy.

Try to be patient and follow all the tips used for choosing an Ideal puppy. Look through the puppy and see if it is alert, its steps how it walks for a normal healthy puppy is not supposed to limp. 

Consult a vet to examine its eyes, ears, and nose. Consider, size, breed, and coats. Let the vet examine its coat and make sure no bald patches or dry flaky skin is found. 

Test its eyesight and its sense of hearing. Toss a toy ball in front of its head, and if it has good sight, her eyes will follow the ball. 

Clapp your hands twice, and if it turns around to see you, then it proves that it has a good sense of hearing. If you follow all these tips, you will get an ideal best dog.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Ryuku Inu Puppy Dog? 

You can find Ryukyu Inu at a fair price. They usually cost $400 to $600, depending on the seller.

It takes patience and affection for one to get an ideal dog. Give your dog the best dog meals and regular exercise and training. Make sure you consult a vet when you see a change to your dog. All these will build your dog to be the best pet house.