Shiba Inu Mixed With Pitbull (Everything You Need To Know)

Shiba Inu Mixed With Pitbull

The Shiba Inus mixed with Pitbull is one of the most misunderstood dog breeds as they are notoriously characterized as aggressive and very dangerous dogs. The cross of these two breeds is called Pit Bull Shiba Inu mix or simply, the Shiba-Pitbull Mix.

There are also some people who breed them for dog fights and other criminal activities such as drugs and whatnot. This article will give you everything you need to know about this dog

What Is a Shiba Inu Pitbull Mix?

The Shiba Inu Pitbull mix is a cross of two different breeds of dogs namely the Shiba Inu and the American Pit Bull Terrier. The latter is commonly referred to as simply, “Pitbull”.

They were developed by mixing the bloodline of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull terrier in an attempt to enhance agility and stamina.

The Shiba Inu’s history can be traced back over a period of 3,000 years way before the birth of the American Pitbull terrier. It is a fearless, intelligent and independent dog that has been used for hunting in Japan . It was also bred to be deadly on the battlefield during World War II.

The American Pitbull Terrier, on the other hand, was bred as a farm dog during the 19th century. In those days, these dogs were referred to as “Big Blue” or “Yankee Terriers” and they too have been used for hunting and by the military.

The Shiba Inu Mix With Pitbull dogs is mostly recognized for their muscular build and compact structure with a short, glossy, and smooth coat. This is not to be confused with the American Staffordshire terrier which is taller, leaner, and has a long fur. In most cases, these dogs have either brown or black eyes although they may also have grey ones.

A Shiba Inu Pitbull mix will fall in the category of medium-sized dogs and can grow to a height of 20-25 inches and weigh around 25 – 45 pounds. This type of dog has a very large skull with ears that are triangular in shape pointing forward.

Their muzzle is significantly less wider than the base of their head while not being slender which makes them look masculine.

These types of dogs have a double coat that is smooth and straight. But to understand this mixed dog breed, you need to look back at their purebred parents’ bloodline and pedigree.

What is a Shiba Inu Dog Breed?

The Shiba inu is a medium sized breed of dog that was originally bred in the mountainous regions of Northern Japan. It is an extremely old type of Japanese dog and is the smallest native breed which makes it perfect for hunting rabbits, boar and even bear in their natural habitat.

These dogs were kept inside small cabins and were used as hunters and watchdogs. They served a very important role in their day to day life. Today, Shiba Inu mixed with pitbull terriers live in apartments and in homes with a backyard

The Shiba Inu dog has a very distinctive coat that is reddish-brown in color with a cream underbelly. They have small triangular ears and almond-shaped eyes which can be either dark yellow or brown in color.

Their coats are so thick that it makes them perfect all year round. They have a very energetic and fearless nature which makes them a perfect fit for an apartment. The Shiba Inu breeds has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years

What Is a Pitbull Terrier?

The American Pit Bull Terriers are medium-sized dogs that originate from the British Isles where they were used in dogfighting. There are other stories that are related to these dogs being used for bull-baiting.

This breed has a compact body structure that is greater in length than its height. The head of the American Pit Bull Terrier is large with erect ears while their tails are small and curled upwards. They have short coats that can come in different colors including white, blue, red, and fawn.

American pitbull terriers have a very strong drive to fight that has been passed down from their ancestors who were used as fighting dogs. Because of this reason, they are not the best types of pets for families with young children

The Shiba Inu Pitbull Mix Puppy

A Shiba Inu pit mix can vary in appearance but all of them will have a muscular build, short fur, and small ears. American Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs that can weigh anywhere between 30-60 pounds depending on their parents’ overall weight. They also have very large skulls with pointed ears which point forward.

Their coats are smooth and glossy with the majority of their body being white. They also have patches of brown or black which are very distinct around the eyes, above the nose, underbelly, legs, and on their neck.

Like with mixed breeds that combine two different pure breeds there is no set standard for what they will actually look like when they grow up.

Shiba Inu Mix With Pitbull Temperament

When it comes to their temperament, the Shiba Inu Pitbull mix is known for being energetic and intelligent. They also have a tendency of getting along with other pets and children if they are socialized from an early age. However, given their independent nature, you cannot expect them to be the best types of dogs when it comes to obedience. They will do anything that they please which can be surprising for most owners.

The Shiba Inu Pit mix is also known for its hunting instincts which can sometimes lead them to attack other small animals if they see them as a threat or prey. If you have other pets in your home, you should acquaint them with the dog from an early age so that they accept each other as part of your family.

Is a Shiba Inu Pit Mix a Healthy Breed?

It is very difficult to determine what health problems a Shiba Inu Pitbull mix is predisposed to inherit. Because it is a mixed breed, there are no specific health conditions that are associated with this dog. While it is true that they might inherit certain problems from their parents, you should not expect all of them to inherit the same condition.

If you want to know what possible health conditions your Shiba Inu Pit mix is predisposed to develop, it is best if you bring him/her to a vet. You can also take your dog in for regular checkups so that any problems in the future will be caught early on and given the proper treatment.

Here are some of the possible health conditions that might plague your Shiba Inu Pitbull mix:

Hip Dysplasia   – This is an inherited condition where the thigh bone does not fit properly in the hip joint. This can lead to severe arthritis and lameness.

Patellar Luxation – This is a condition where the kneecap of your dog gets out of its normal position because it becomes displaced or loose in its groove. If this goes untreated, it could end up causing severe pain for your dog.

Allergies – Dogs with allergies tend to develop skin irritation, itchiness, inflammation of the ears, and respiratory problems if their allergies are not treated carefully.

Epilepsy  – This is a condition where dogs experience seizures because their brain gives out the wrong signals to the body. These seizures can be very violent so it is very important that you take your dog to a vet for an evaluation.

If you notice that your Shiba Inu Pit mix is suffering from any of these conditions, visit your vet immediately so that they can be given the proper treatment. If not treated correctly, it will only get worse and could even lead to death.

Pitbull Mix with Shiba Inu Care

When you have a mix dog, the care that you give your dog will not be the same you give to other dog breeds that are emotionally attached. Mix dogs such as the Shiba Inu Pit mix tend to get emotionally more distant to their owners and need less affection than other breeds do.

These dogs have an alpha mentality from when they are puppies, who will grow up to become even more independent. This means that you cannot expect them to be obedient most of the time because they prefer to do their own thing rather than listen to what you have to do whether its grooming, bathing, or training.

However, you should not think of this as a negative trait because it will only make them more affectionate towards you when they choose to be. One thing about these dogs is that they do not seek for constant companionship from their owners which can be a bit troublesome for those who are used to cuddling their pets.

You also do not have to worry about your dog being aggressive towards you or any of your family members. This is because mixed breeds are usually very friendly and active which makes them a great choice.

You will not have to change what you do. However, it is very important that you make sure your pet gets all the love and attention that they need to become a well-rounded and socialized member of your family. Here are some tips on how you can properly care for a Shiba Inu Pitbull mix:

Feeding – This type of mixed-breed you have to consider that they are very independent even though they are considered part of the herding group. This means that they can do well with regular food and even table scraps. You should only monitor their diet if you think they are getting more or less active than before, but weigh them on a weekly basis to make sure their weight remains the same.

Protection – Your pet needs to be trained not to bark at people who come near your house or people they do not know especially if you have a female because she can go into heat at any time. All mixed breeds are very alert because of the presence of the herding genes in them which makes them excellent watchdogs.

Grooming – You should brush your pet at least once a week because their coats tend to be a bit course and thick. They also need to be bathed with warm water and dog shampoo, making sure that you rub them down using your hands so that they do not become uncomfortable.

When was the last time you cleaned their ears? Dogs like this tend to get ear infections in their later years if not cared for properly so it is very important that you keep on top of their grooming routine.

Training – Training should start when your pet is still a puppy. This will make sure that they get used to following commands even though you may have to repeat it multiple times until they remember what you are trying to teach them. Patience is the key here!

Shiba Inu Mix With Pitbull Life Span

The lifespan of any dog breed depends on their genes and how well they were taken care of throughout their entire life. This means that whether you adopt a Shiba Inu Pit mix, the outcome of their life span could be affected by things such as obesity and malnutrition.

The average lifespan is for Shiba Inu Pitbull mix is around 12-16 years depending on the condition of your pet. Since they are one of the most loved breeds in America, it is very possible that you will spend more time with them than other mixed breeds.

Possible Health Risks

Since this type of breed is a mix between two different dog breeds, there are chances that your pet’s physiology could be affected by both their parent’s genes. The main health concern that is present in any mixed breed are hip dysplasia, skin allergies, heart problems, eye problems.

If you have to take your dog to the vet for regular checkups, it will give them a better chance of living a longer life because they will be able to get treatment whenever needed. Even if these diseases are present in your pet, it is very possible that they will not be affected by them at all.

Shiba Inu – American Pitbull mix is one of the most loved mixed breeds because they are seen as useful watchdogs and loyal companions to their owners. They are medium-sized dogs which makes them great for apartment living or if you live in a place where you can let your dog roam around freely.

Their coats are medium in length making it very easy to maintain, but they should be brushed once a week with a wire brush at least because their undercoat tends to tangle quite often. They also need to be bathed every month even if they cannot get themselves dirty until they are six months old.

Is Shiba Inu Pitbull Mixed Dog Aggressive?

In general, the Shiba Inu pitbull mix is they are docile dog breed than their appearance suggests to be. They are tolerant to playful family environments but they require a lot of socialization at an early age so that they will be able to become well-tempered pets.

Their training should be done by someone who has experience with dog breeds because this is where you can run the risk of damaging them mentally. They are very smart dogs which means they can get bored easily if you have not been able to teach them.

In order to prevent this from happening, you should handle your dog often so that they get used to being touched by people other than their owners. Aggression is a major issue with many mixed breeds because of the fighting genes that are present in them, but this would have to take place during their adolescent years where they have to be separated from other pets.

They are very friendly towards children and would not attack them even if they were provoked because of this, it is recommended that you do not leave them alone with your kids. It is also a good idea to socialize your dog with other pets since Shiba Inus tend to be quite territorial around strangers.

Shiba Inu Pitbull Mix Appearance: What Does a Shiba Inu Pitbull Mix Look Like?

The look and appearance of Shiba Inu – American Pitbull Mix is very difficult to predict because they vary greatly depending on their parents and the environment that they were raised in.

They can either look like a Shiba Inu or like an American Pitbull, both dog breeds will inherit different traits from each other such as the shape of the head, size, coat color and texture.

Since they are a mix between a small dog and a medium in size dog, there is a 50% chance that your pet will inherit the physical characteristics of either one of their parents.

Shiba Inu pitbull Mix can have short or long fur which depends on how they were raised by their owners. With proper care, there is no reason why they should not be able to live up to 15 years which means that you will have plenty of time with your pet.

The characteristics and Temperament of Shiba Inu mixed with Pitbull can be difficult to predict as Shiba Inu pitbull mix have so many factors that can influence the outcome of their behavior.

When it comes to temperament and personality traits, these can also vary greatly depending on how the dog was raised and socialized during its early development years.

However, there is a very high chance that your gentle Shiba Inu pitbull mix will be tolerant towards children and other pets. With proper training and obedience course.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Corgi Inu.

Kitten? Puppy?

People looking to adopt a mixed breed like this one will most likely be getting a puppy instead of a kitten. A Shiba Inu pit mix is more than likely going to weigh less than 25 pounds and can grow up to 20-25 inches on average.

They may also look different as they mature since their appearance, personality, and behavior are all affected by the environment that they grow up in. These dogs can live anywhere between 12-16 years which is more than enough time for them to change their appearance several times over

How much exercise does a Shiba Inu mix with pitbull needs

Daily walks and agile exercises are more than enough to make sure that your new pet stays healthy and happy throughout their life.

Taking care of a mix breed is not as different as the care of other dog breeds although they do have some unique exercise needs compared to other dog breeds.

In general, a Shiba Inu mix with a Pitbull dog will need 85 minutes of exercise like walking twice a day. Shiba Inu American Pitbull mixed dog breed is an agile dog breed that easily adapts living spaces including apartment living as long as they get regular exercise. These dogs are very muscular and active, so it is important for them to get out of the house at least twice a day.

Health Issues of Shiba Inu Mix With Pitbull

Shiba Inu mixes are not generally prone to any serious health conditions although their general appearance may change as they mature. Due to their Shiba Inu pitbull mix heritage, it is possible for them to inherit some of the common health conditions that other dog breeds may have although this should not stop you from adopting one of these dogs.

What Do I Feed My Shiba Inu Pit mix?

The food that you feed your dog will also affect their personality, energy levels, and weight. While they may have some Shiba Inu in them it is mostly Pitbull so you should feed them a high-quality diet that contains both vegetables and meat.

You can either cook meals for them or give them dry dog food that has been specifically formulated to meet the dietary requirements of large breeds like this one.

What Are the Best Dog Treats For Pitbull Mixes?

To help build strong muscles and bones, you should also give them one healthy treat per day. These treats can be any type of dog biscuit so long as they are not made with grains. Some people even use cooked chicken breasts to help train their dogs how to behave or sit for extended periods of time.

How Do I Train My Shiba Inu Pitbull Mix?

This breed will need to be socialized at an early age in order for them to develop a healthy understanding of the world around them. You should also keep their training sessions short and use positive reinforcement techniques since dogs like this one can become easily bored when they do something wrong.

A Shiba Inu pitbull mix will need an owner that is patient and able to handle the dog’s training sessions, but they will generally respond well to positive reinforcement techniques like treats and pats on the head.

The Shiba Inu American pit bull mixes are very intelligent dogs which makes it easier for them to learn new tricks or commands. Since the Pitbull Terrier originated from blood sports, they are also extremely obedient and will quickly follow any orders given by their owner.

What Should I Expect From a Shiba Inu Pit Mix?

These dogs are known for being loving family pets that enjoy being around children as well as other animals. Their intelligence, energy, and strength have made them popular in movies where they are either being used for fighting or protecting their owners.

However, these dogs can become aggressive if not properly socialized when they are young so it is important to give them lots of positive attention in order to build a strong bond with them.

Most Shiba Inu American Pitbull mixes are friendly with any animals or children that they meet as long as they have been socialized from a young age. Since these dogs were bred to be used for fighting, they will need a lot of mental and physical exercise on a regular basis in order to manage their energy levels and avoid aggressive behaviors.

What Do Shiba Inus Pit Mix Dogs Look Like?

At first glance, these dogs may look like slightly larger Shiba Inus because of the size and shape of their head. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice that they have a more muscular build with thicker necks which is common to other Pitbull breeds.

You should also expect them to become medium or large-sized dogs that can weigh up to 200 pounds when fully grown.

Shiba Inu American Pitbull mixes will typically develop the same size, build, and weight as their Shiba Inu pitbull mix parents. The average lifespan of these dogs is around 12 years although some may live longer or shorter lives depending on whether they are mixed with larger or smaller breeds.


Shiba Inu Pitbull mix breeds are known to be intelligent, loving pets that respond well to positive reinforcement training. At first glance, they look like larger Shiba Inus because of the shape of their head but they have a different build with thicker necks which is common among other Pit breeds.

As long as you train your dog early on how to behave around children and other animals, you will be able to enjoy living with this breed for many years.

A Shiba Inu American Pitbull mix is a large dog that can live between 12-16 years on average. You should provide your pets with lots of exercise and mental stimulation in order to manage their energy levels while reducing any aggressive behaviors.

By following these instructions, you should expect to enjoy living with a Shiba Inu American Pitbull mix for many years.


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