Are Shiba Inu’s Good Guard Dogs?

Are Shiba Inu’s Good Guard Dogs?

A guard dog is simply a dog that helps you lookout for signs of danger and alert you when they sense that something is not right. And Shiba Inus are an excellent guard dog who could perfectly fit in your family while keeping your home safe from prying eyes.

Because Shiba Inus are naturally suspicious and alert, they tend to keep their household safe by scaring off any intruders. Some guard dogs may also attack the intruder but they can also be trained to ensure that they do not attack intruders.

Are Shiba Inus Good Guard Dogs?

Shiba Inu make good guard dogs as they are known for being alert, fearless, loyal, selfless, and studious enough to stand guard of their home from any intruders. Because Shiba Inus are avid barkers at anything unusual, they are good at alerting their owners when an intruder is approaching.

The Shiba Inus temperament aside, these dogs were not bred to be a guard dog, this Japanese dog breed was specifically made for hunting small game animals, however, the dog makes a very good guard dog because of its alertness and somewhat aggressive nature.

Shibu Inu’s are dogs that are very small in size. Their size can act as a draw back when it comes to offering protection to the owners.

Therefore, when an intruder approaches, they will not attack that much but will just bark. They are very alert therefore can notify the owners of the strangers or intruders approaching.

Therefore, Shibu Inu’s are not great dogs if you want a dog that can protect you physically. Because of their small size.

They can easily be hurt by intruders when they try to get into your home. Some Shiba Inu’s are very loyal while others can have a selfish personality that they may not help you.

Can a Shiba Inu be raised to be a guard dog

Shiba Inu puppies often grow up to become excellent guard dogs and family pets though originally the Shiba Inu’s were not bred to guard and protect. Instead, these former hunting dog puppies are natural born fearless, alert and eager to protect when they are trained to become guard dogs from when they are puppies.

The emphasis here is that with the right and proper training you can be able to raise your Shiba Inu puppies to become a very good guard dog.

This also has its own disadvantages and can be very difficult to achieve. There are some Shiba Inu’s that can be stubborn and try to ignore the owners. With such Shiba Inu’s, training can be a very big task.

It is not recommended to train your Shiba Inu to be a guard but this is very possible. It requires you to invest a lot of time and effort.

Training should be done when the dog is still young because an adult Shiba Inu is not that feasible. Shiba Inu’s are also very independent and you need to make sure that the training given to them is strict.

The following are some of the most common traits of a good guard dog:

  • They bark at the intruders or strangers to alert the owners
  • Bark when they feel something is not right
  • The dogs have a lot of confidence and are dominant.
  • The dogs also stay very calm, and quiet at times but very observant.

Intruders can easily harm your Shiba Inu. Most people that break into homes may also try to do everything they can to ensure that they are not caught.

Therefore, harming your Shiba Inu. If you train your Shiba Inu to be a guard dog, it can pose as a risk to the visitors that come in your home. They may end up attacking the visitors thinking they have bad intentions.

Guard dogs also tend to be a lot more observant. They will also be more cautious about what is happening. In the end the dog may become distant to the owners.

Shiba Inu Temperament

The Shiba Inu is very devoted and loyal. They have a strong personality and a lot of good traits. The dog is very independent. It is very loyal to the owners and because of the loyalty, they can sometimes become aggressive.

Shiba Inu’s can also be very loud. Because of their personality Shiba Inu’s will be to be trained by owners that are confident, consistent and firm to ensure that they can be obedient. For the best results, a lot of time also needs to be dedicated when training the Shiba Inu.

The background

The Shiba Inu is a breed that has been around for some time. It was bred fur hunting game especially small birds and rabbits. The Shibu Inu lived in the mountains in japan.

The Shiba Inu is prone to aggression and because of this they may not be good for families. Therefore, when introducing them to strangers you need to be more careful.

They also love to chase the other pets in your household. They can also be very loving to the members of the family. The Temperament of the Shiba Inu makes it more suitable for a home that does not have kids or other pets around.

They love to keep their territory guarded and may sometimes think the children are invading their territory and may end up hurting them in the process. For example, the dog may growl or nip at the kids.

This problem can be solved by using positive reinforcement methods, early training as well as socialization. With early socialization your dog may become more friendly.

Around other dogs and pets, the Shibu Inu may not be that good, however, they need to be socialized and trained at early stage.

Proper introduction us also important to ensure that your dog knows how to act around other dogs and pets.

You can do this by introducing your dog to other dogs in one to one session. This helps to reduce uncontrolled behaviors in your dog. You can also take the dog to play groups to help them act well around other dogs.

Shiba Inu Appearance

A Shiba Inu is a dog that is a dense coat and thick fur. The dog generally has a curled tail and a small body. Its ears are erect. The dog has a lot of traits.

It has a bold personality and it is good natured. Some other characteristics include it’s intelligence, confidence and independent nature

The Shiba Inu has a weight of about 15 to 25 pounds. When it comes to the size of the Shiba Inu, the females are on the lower side as compared to the males.

The female Shiba Inu has a height of 13 to 15 inches and a weight of about 15 to 20 pounds. The Male Shiba Inu has a height of 14 to 16 inches and a weight of 18 to 25 pounds. They have a coat that is double and thick.

The coat can come in different colors including red, black as well as with tan markings. The life expectancy of the Shiba Inu dog is 12 to 15 years.

Living conditions

The Shiba Inu can do well in apartment conditions as well as moderate homes. The dog is small and can also be active indoors.

An average sized yard will also be good for the dog’s activity level. It has a coat that is water proof, this coat also helps to protect the dog in cold weather conditions as well as hot weather conditions.

The dog does not do well with being alone for a long time and loves to feel like part of the family. Therefore, it is more suitable for living indoors rather than outdoors.


As with any dog, exercises are essential. The Shiba Inu is an active dog and hence it needs exercising every single day.

You will have to take your dog for a walk every day to keep it healthy and fit. Exercises also make it very happy. The Shibu Inu can also exercise for some hours without feeling tired.

The dog should also be exercised mentally to keep their minds stimulated. You can do this by using games like puzzles and more that can keep your dog’s mind busy.

Health care problems of the Shiba Inu

Generally, the Shiba Inu are very healthy dogs. However, there are some health issues that they can still face.

It is very important to ensure that the Shiba Inu is taken from parents that are healthy. The parents should also be free of genetic problems and hereditary problems. The following are some of the most common health issues that the dog can face:

1) Allergies

This is a very common problem for the dogs. The allergies can be inhalant allergies, food allergies or contact allergies.

Food allergies are caused when the dog eats some types of food, inhalant allergies can be caused due to pollutants and contact allergies can be caused when your dog comes into contact with some type of substances, it can include shampoos, powders or lotions.

2) Chylothorax

This a condition whereby there is buildup of fluid in the chest of the dog. It may cause difficulties in breathing and other problems for the dog.

It may also lead to coughing and loss of appetite. This problem can be treated by giving your dog a low-fat diet.

3) Glaucoma

This condition also affects dogs. This problem happens when there is buildup of pressure inside the eye.

The condition can also be inherited. Another cause can be due to low levels of fluid in the eye. It may lead to pain I’m the eye as well as loss of vision when the case is severe.


Shiba Inu dogs do make very good guard dogs. This is because the dog it is alert and can alert you when something does not feel right.

The Shiba Inu is not very friendly with strangers and this also makes it a good guard dog. Although it is very small and may sometimes feel intimated by strangers when they approach its aggressive nature can also scare away the intruders.


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